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of women had a bad experience

The speculum examination

a detested experience

Every woman will have to undergo a gynecological examination once and often several times in her life. However, many do not look forward to this experience at all. One of the main reasons being anxiety for the vaginal speculum.

The speculum device

A lack of innovation

Healthcare professionals struggle with gaining optimal visualization of the cervical portio depending on experience and patient characteristics. Regardless, the design of the speculum has remained virtually unchanged for the past centuries.

Time for change

Dutch general practitioner faced the limitations of conventional specula on a daily basis and decided to take on the challenge of designing a better device. He spend all of his sparetime working on a speculum that would better suit the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. 

Ultimately, all these efforts have led to the Femiscope®, a unique speculum that will revolutionize gynecological care.


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